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On August 1st, all incomplete character forms that have not been edited recently will be deleted. Finish them now!

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 Rules. Read right now, they have been updated.

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Jake Germany

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PostSubject: Rules. Read right now, they have been updated.   Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:38 am

We take our member safety very seriously.

Rules are as follows.

-You may have up to 5 free characters. More characters can be added with you Egyptian Pounds.

-No porn or sexual content. No links, even. We have it set so only admins can see that stuff, but really, we scour every single post making sure that no one does that. There's not even a warning. You will be banned.

-ONLY 1 ACCOUNT. We will catch you, and both accounts will be banned.

-No rude, mean, or offensive content.

-No spamming, either in PMs, emails, or posts.

-NO double posting, so, in other words, do not post twice in a row.

-You may double post in your room topic, but don't go crazy!

-NO power playing, which is taking control of someone else's character. Use your own character.


-Good grammar. There is spellchecker here, so you need to use it. No lolz lmfao i haz 3 t3xtz or whatever.

-Limit kissing to 3 posts.

-You must have an appropriate avatar. We have the power to revoke your avatar privileges.

-Your avatar must be a reasonble size, as well. THIS is not a reasonable size. Nor is THIS. However, THIS is.

-Please understand that if someone PMs you with a link, it might harm you or your computer.

-No personal info. Not even in PMs. Emails and Skypes are fine, but no phone numbers or addresses. Ever

-Please don't advertize in the chatbox. Website ads belong in the Out Of Character Forum.

-Please have a list of your characters in your signature. Here's how you can do it. Say you have three characters. You roleplay with one in green, one in blue, and one in pink. here's how it can look:

Character 1-Path of (god)
Character 2-Path of (god)
Character 3-Path of (god)


1st violation: Warning
2nd violation: No more PMing and avatar
3rd violation: Permanent ban

We take these rules seriously. And don't think you can just make another account. We can ban your username, IP address, and email. If you are permanently banned, you have violated the safety of our members. You won't come back.
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Rules. Read right now, they have been updated.
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