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 What you can get for your Egyptian Pounds

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Jake Germany
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What you can get for your Egyptian Pounds Empty
PostSubject: What you can get for your Egyptian Pounds   What you can get for your Egyptian Pounds EmptySun Jul 08, 2012 12:05 pm

Yes! I figured out how to take a way Egyptian Pounds! The shop is OPEN!!!

1) We have the right to deny you what you want. For any reason. We will be fair, though.
2) No IOUs. You must have the respective Egyptian Pounds for your purchase.
3) If you ever decide you don't want something you've already bought, we will not give you a refund.
4) These Egyptian Pounds are used for this site store only, and only for purchasing the items below.
5) We can change the items and their prices listed below at any time. Spontaneously. Without notifications.
6) PM Jake Germany if you wish to purchase something. Write out the request, and how much it costs. Do not try to cheat me. I know the price of everything.
7) PM me with your request bolded so I now you've read the rules.

100 Egyptian Pounds: Extra character slot. You can purchase up to 5 of these.

10,000 Egyptian Pounds: Quest. Only 3 at a time, please. There might be a waiting list, we will contact you when it is your turn.

10,000 Egyptian Pounds: Username change.

10,000 Egyptian Pounds: gift from any god/goddess. You might be put on a waiting list. We will contact you when we are ready to give the gift to you.

100,000 Egyptian Pounds: Character immortality. 1 Per person, and do not try to cheat this.

1,000,000 Egyptian Pounds: Character may host a god/goddess. Power restrictions apply. 1 per member.

Staff get paid for keeping all you rascals under control. Here's what they get paid.

Admins: 500 Egyptian Pounds/month
Elite staff: 250 Egyptian Pounds/month
Staff: 125 Egyptian Pounds/month
Chatbox Staff: 62 Egyptian Pounds/month
Post/Signature Staff: 31 Egyptian Pounds/month

Yes, I know, the colors aren't really accurate, but whatever, okay!?
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What you can get for your Egyptian Pounds
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