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 Moon's Unfinished Magicians

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PostSubject: Moon's Unfinished Magicians   Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:02 am

"Make them listen."

  • Name:
    Phoebe Ellen Chase
  • Age:
    15, Birthday June 13th
  • Gender:
  • Path of god:
  • Country of Origin:
  • Parents:
    Carter Chase (45 year old father), Missy Chase (44 year old step-mother)
  • Eyes:
    Phoebe's eyes are a hazel color, with more brown than the other colors.
  • Skin:
    Her skin is tan in the summertime, and fair in the winter. Phoebe also has freckles on her face.
  • Height:
    Phoebe stands at about 5'7"
  • Hair:
    Her hair is brown, wavy, and goes a little past her shoulders.
  • Flaws:
    - Phoebe can be very stubborn, and often won't change her mind for anything.
    - She also doesn't trust people very often, which keeps here secluded from knowing people.
    - Phoebe thinks that whatever she does is okay, and the right thing.
    - She get frustrated with people who don't do things her way.
  • Talents:
    - Phoebe is a very good painter, and does so in her free time.
    - She also plays the flute, but doesn't like it as much as her painting.
    - Phoebe lastly is a very smart person, and memorizes things easily.
  • Powers:
    - Phoebe can memorize and complete spells quickly, and efficiently because she is very smart.
  • Pets:
  • Brief History:
    Phoebe grew up in New York with her parents. The family didn't stay there though. Once she turned 3, the family began to travel around the world because of her parent's job. They were archeologists, and were constantly traveling to new places around the world. Phoebe's birth mother died right after she was born, but her father remarried quickly to Missy. She doesn't know if Missy is an 'okay' person quite yet. Phoebe loved traveling and learning new things about ancient kingdoms. The magician even helped her parents in a few of the digs.

    When Phoebe turned 12, her father told her about what magicians were. Since she had studied the Egyptians, she understood what was happening, but not fully. Phoebe had to get prepared for life without traveling, or her parents. She adapted well, and is living in the Brooklyn house right now.
  • Roleplaying example:
    Phoebe walked into the Great Room of Brooklyn House. It had been at least two years since her first day in the house, but she still didn't know if she fit in. After all, she was the quiet one who was smart enough to get by without asking questions. Pheobe had a few friends, but none whom she could really count on. All she wanted was a little trust and faith in herself, so she could make a real friend. The magician guessed that one day she would need a friend like that to count on.
    Notes: Nothing

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PostSubject: Re: Moon's Unfinished Magicians   Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:56 pm

Phoebe is accepted! And, just a note, you cannot use images on this site other than your avatar. They just don't come up. So there isn't much point in giving your character a play-by as only Admins would be able to see it. Anyway, great character!

emily relde, path of sehkmet, 15, single
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PostSubject: Re: Moon's Unfinished Magicians   Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:24 pm

Oh, thanks! I didn't know that Embarassed I'll change it quick...
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PostSubject: Re: Moon's Unfinished Magicians   

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Moon's Unfinished Magicians
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