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 Randy Emerton

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Name : Randy Emerton
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Path of God : Path of Seth
Country of Origin : America
Parents : Steve Emerton (Father) & Selina Emerton (Mother)
Eyes : Sky Blue
Skin : Pale with muscular and scarred build.
Height : Standing about at 6'8" feet.
Hair : Length at neck
Flaws : Short temperament, maddens easily, judges easily and listens rarely.
Talents : Strong, playful, energitic and smart
Powers : Stormcalling and thundering strikes and though as storm weathered stone.
Pets : Cat named Taylor.
Brief history : Randy lived in a nice house in Houston, Texas with his parents until he had his father and mother telling him what he truly is. He went to Brooklyn looking for the house they had mentioned to be correct place to be in. He wandered Brooklyn streets doing things to earn his living in for of food instead of money and had pretty many problems with some robbers and always went mad at them but still calling police to get the robbers away. One day during his wanderings he suddenly and very unlikely found a house which was just like his father and mother mentioned to him two years ago of this day, during the "living" near that very big house he got somehow invited to live there for being homeless person who had something special about him what he knew already though he never admitted it until now. Now living in the Brooklyn house he trains himself continuing it at every moment he could.
Roleplaying example : Randy would be around inside the Brooklyn house wandering strangely and being sleepy as it could be seen from his face. Continuing walking around until walking to living room and falling asleep to on the sofa. Sleeping there nicely without any interupptions he would wake up two times. Though waking up this two times he would fall asleep pretty fast after waking up. When he would finally wake up last time during that night he would go to eat his breakfast with others at same time.
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Randy Emerton
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