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On August 1st, all incomplete character forms that have not been edited recently will be deleted. Finish them now!


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Sadie Kane
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PostSubject: New Charrie   New Charrie EmptySun Sep 23, 2012 6:59 pm

Name: Aspen Hale
Age: 15
Path of god: Shu
Country of Origin:UK
Parents:Lindsey Hale and Alex Hale
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long curly red
Flaws: Clumsy, Hubris, Perfectionist, Meddlesome
Talents: Running, Acting, Chemistry
Powers:Create a strong gust of wind, That reaches up to 5 feet and can happen 5 times a day before getting tired
Pets:Parrot named Joey
Brief History: She grew up in Liverpool, Uk. When she got the calling card she was thrilled, and could't wait to learn. Her mom and dad are both professors. Her Parrot Joey can't stand being away from her she took him with her. She was a gifted student in chemistry and won the national chem. fair. She and her dad almost blew up the colleges chem lab testing acids.
Roleplaying example: There was a box set in front of her door. She picked it up and placed it on her bed grabbed a pair of scissors and opened it. In it was a straitening iron. "Oh thanks mum!" she whispered. Opening it, she had borrowed Sadie's from time to time but now she had her own. She spent the next hour straining her hair then came down to breakfast. "well everyone how to i look?" she asked everyone stared at her. Joey flew to her shoulder and started to peck at her hair, as if it were something new.
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Jake Germany
Jake Germany

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Garnet Woods-13-Path of Thoth

Ganesa Woods-16-Path of Wadjet

Follow the rules. I didn't spend an hour writing them for this place to be a total anarchy, did I?

Character pictures:

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