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On August 1st, all incomplete character forms that have not been edited recently will be deleted. Finish them now!


 Profile of Lee Underwood.

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Profile of Lee Underwood. Empty
PostSubject: Profile of Lee Underwood.   Profile of Lee Underwood. EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 12:43 am

Name: Lee Underwood
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Path of god: Khnum, god of water and a source of the Nile. He created children and their ka with clay from the Nile, in the inundation.
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico
Parents: Sofia Underwood and Robert Underwood
Eyes: Green
Skin: White skin but tan.
Height: 5'7
Hair: Blond.
Flaws: scarabs, snakes & scorpions.
Talents: Magic, elemental magic, water magic.
Water Magic: Lee is a water elemental magician(Khnum is a water deity).
Earth magic: Khnum made children out of the mud of the Nile, so he somehow related with earth. Lee knows a few earth magic spells.
Pets: None.
Brief History: Lee came to the at age 10. There , they are thought magic. He is an elemental magic magician. But he is better at water magic. His following the path Khnum. He pretty much follow the paths of water deities. He knows almost everything about water deities, he wishes to go to the Nile.

Roleplaying example: I was in a mall, with friends in a mission. A scorpion, big as a school bus attacked. I get my staff and start chanting a water incantation. At first nothing happen, then a huge amount of water surrounded the scorpion. I almost lost all my strengths. So my friends finished it.
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Profile of Lee Underwood. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Profile of Lee Underwood.   Profile of Lee Underwood. EmptyWed Jan 30, 2013 4:37 pm

Congratulations, earthling! Approved.

Garnet Woods-13-Path of Thoth

Ganesa Woods-16-Path of Wadjet

Follow the rules. I didn't spend an hour writing them for this place to be a total anarchy, did I?

Character pictures:

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Profile of Lee Underwood.
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